RESOLVED – Summer 17 breaking change for iOS New Installs

Issue Resolved

Update on Summer 17 breaking change for iOS New Installs (Patch Update fix) – ISSUE CLOSED


During our preliminary test for Summer 17 we have uncovered a breaking change affecting new installs on iOS with the upcoming Salesforce Summer 17 release.

Impact for affected users

Any user (new or existing) that installs a MobileCaddy standard or custom iOS Container Application will not be able to login into a Summer 17 instance. To confirm in detail if you or your users will be affected please see ‘Will I be affected’ section below.

Errors Seen (if applicable)

On the mobile application the following errors may be seen as the user attempts to login
“Bootstrap Error Page Error Code 101” OR
“Error Page”


The issue is able to be reproduced by our QA team. They have narrowed this down to an iOS only issue and only affecting Summer 17 upgraded instances.

Further updates will be released as we work through this issue. Please refer to our Trust site.


No known workaround at this point.

Internal JIRA



Issue Assessment – Will this issue affect you or your users?

Salesforce Release Versions

  1. Summer 17 release

Salesforce License Types

  1. All API License Types

Salesforce Instances

  1. Instances running Summer 17

Salesforce Domain Type

  1. Standard Domain =  Yes
  2. MyDomain =  Yes
  3. Community Domain =  Yes

Container App Operating Systems & Versions

  1. Operating System
    1. iOS =   Affected
    2. Android =  No Issues
    3. Windows =  No Issues
  2. Operating System Versions
    1. iOS =  All current versions
    2. Android = Not Applicable
    3. Windows = Not Applicable

Salesforce SDK Version

  1. Version 4.0.2

MobileCaddy Package Versions

  1. All current MobileCaddy Versions

MobileCaddy Utils / Resource Versions

  1. All current MobileCaddy Utils Versions


For further information on this or any other known issue please contact our support team (